Invisible Grille Insect Screen

The Invisible Grille magnetic insect screen services offered by Mosseal will only be performed by Certified Installers. Our Invisible Grille insect screens can effectively keep mosquitoes and fly out of homes, including the balcony area.

Premium Magnetic Insect Screens in Singapore

Invisible Grille Insect Screen Services

Mosseal Insect Screen Singapore offers Invisible Grille insect screen installation services. Our Certified Installers will perform the installation to ensure the durability and longevity of the net. This allows our clients to receive a higher standard of insect screen services.

The benefit of installing Invisible Grille magnetic insect screen will help you

Effectively prevent mosquitoes, unknown flying insects, and lizards
Lightweight with durable technology material 
Waterproof net materials
Maintain a cool and comfortable environment
Easily maintain and not easy to get dusty
Invisible Grille Insect Screen Install Services Singapore

Invisible Grille Magnetic insect screens are designed for homeowners who desire natural airflow in their homes without the presence of mosquitoes or unwanted flies.

Why Invisible Grille insect screens can prevent mosquitoes, unknown flying insects, and lizards

Invisible Grille magnetic insect screens are especially beneficial for those living in landed or HDB properties in Singapore. Due to the frequent rain and hot weather, unwanted mosquitoes, and flies tend to enter homes. To ensure safety and comfort, many of our clients choose to install insect screens to prevent the spread of diseases like dengue fever, especially for those with children in the house. Our invisible insect screens can effectively keep out all unwanted insects and mosquitoes.

New woven technology with long durability material Magnetic Insect Screens

Our visible grille magnetic insect screens may appear difficult to install, as they are made with high-accuracy molding machines and can only be installed by our Certified Installers. To be honest, if something is easy to install, it is also likely to be easily damaged. Many cheap products on the market, such as those where the seller simply cuts the length and width of the insect screen and provides a video for installation, are not durable. That is why all of our products are made with high-quality woven technology for better durability and to ensure our clients have a long-lasting insect screen.

Maintain a cozy and comfortable environment with Invisible insects screens

To be honest, if you want your home to have a comfortable atmosphere, the first thing to consider is how to prevent mosquitoes and unwanted flies from entering. During cooking time, flies can easily fly around your food, requiring constant shooing away. This is not worth it. The best solution is to install an invisible insect screen in your kitchen so you can open a window while cooking without letting flies in and protect your food.

Easily maintain Invisible Magnetic Insect Screen

No one likes to do housework every day, including us. Many insect screens can appear to be of good quality at first, but after a few months, they deteriorate. However, our insect screens are easy to maintain, particularly the invisible magnetic insect screens, which do not require frequent maintenance. Based on feedback from our existing clients, a minor cleanup once a year is sufficient. This is ideal for those who prefer to have hands-free time at home.

Helping More Singapore Families to get Professional Insect Screen

At the start of our professional insect screen services, we only serviced commercial buildings and manufacturing plants. However, after receiving positive feedback from our clients, we realized that they also needed proper insect screen installations for their homes. They had complaints about previous vendors not providing quality work. After our main customers were well taken care of, we decided to open up our insect screen services to all homes and help as much as we can, even though our main business clients still make up 80% of our workload. However, we will decline installation requests if our schedule is fully booked to ensure that we provide quality work.

Question about Invisible Grille Insect Screen installation services?

Many of our customers are like friends to us, sending us greetings during each holiday. Our clients are always friendly and good. However, if they have any questions or concerns, they usually check the “Common FAQ” page which covers almost 99% of the questions. If they can’t find the information they’re looking for or prefer not to read, they can chat with our planner. We understand that busy or older generations may want quick answers, especially when it comes to pricing. So, feel free to chat with our planner by clicking the chat button above.