Certified Installer

Certified Installer

This Certified Installer certification test was previously used in 2004.

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After installing an insect screen for a window, What instrument to use if sun glare and UV value are reduced?

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Which of the following below is the magnetic insect screen?

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How to make sure customer installation for window grille insect screen width is properly measured?

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The installation for window grille measurement must be using calibrated _____________ to measure the width and height.

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How to measure the magnetic thickness if you are not sure? Use_______________

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Install insect screen for toilet windows able to maintain a consistent _______________ to help your environment release excess water and keep dry.

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For magnetic strips when installing the window, how many ____mm is the maximum gap allowed consider within tolerance in our procedure?

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How to check your measurement tools are calibrated and good to use before the site visit?

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