History of Mosseal Singapore

At Mosseal Singapore, our history of mosquito net installation services goes back many years.

Quality Mosquito Net Installation Since 1999 Mosseal Mosquito Net Installation Company Singapore 2008

Quality Mosquito Net Installation Since 1999

From 1999 to 2008, we provided certified mosquito net installation services when we first started the business, and we still continue to use the same method today. We understand that mosquito net and insect screen installation is important for every family, so we approach this not just as a business, but as a commitment. Mosseal will use certified methods to install premium mosquito nets for our clients to ensure their homes are protected under our insect screen services.


Our First Procedure in Singapore for Mosquito Net Installation

At Mosseal, our first step in Singapore is to conduct a thorough inspection of our client’s property to identify where mosquitoes may be entering their homes or office. Then, we provide useful solutions and perform the proper installation to target those areas.

For commercial purposes in other industries, we also adhere to ISO standards such as compliance with ISO 14001 requirements or any API standard. Every sector has different standards and requirements, but we always ensure that our clients meet their standards and requirements.


Implement Installation When it is Completed

In 2010, Mosseal implemented a procedure where after the installation is complete, our technicians follow up with the owners to ensure that the nets are in good condition. Our technicians also provide advice and assistance on how to best maintain the nets for maximum effectiveness. Our team of experienced professionals at Mosseal is passionate about protecting your family from mosquitoes and other pests. We take our commitment to providing excellent mosquito net installation services seriously and are proud of our long history of providing top-notch service in Singapore for several decades.

Follow the Technology Trends and Certified Insect Screen Installation Procedure

Follow the Technology Trends and Certified Procedure

In 2011, Mosseal Singapore began offering certified mosquito net installation procedures to ensure that our clients receive proper work from us. As certified installers, we stay updated with the latest trends in technology products, including advancements in mosquito nets for the convenience and safety of our customers. All of our technicians are well-trained and certified.

Provide Knowledge and Benefit of Mosquito Net Installation

Provide Knowledge and Benefit of Mosquito Net

In 2012, Mosseal Certified Engineers started educating our technicians on the importance of mosquito nets in preventing mosquito-borne diseases like dengue fever and Zika virus. Our certified installers understand the significance of performing our customers’ work correctly.

We make sure that all of our client’s nets are securely mounted and that the mesh size is appropriate for the space. While many companies in Singapore boast about their product quality, almost 90% of them use incorrect installation methods, leading to reduced durability of the net.


Best Insects Screen Provider in Singapore

Mosseal is a leading provider of insect screen installation services in Singapore. We believe that there is not the best insect screen or mosquito net service in Singapore, but there is a good net installers like our Certified Installers who are willing to spend more time to ensure a perfect installation. This is why many of our repeat customers prefer us for installing insect screens on windows, doors, and other openings to keep insects and pests out of their homes or offices.

Implement Foundation Installation Procedure 2014
Implement Foundation Installation Procedure

Although implementing proper foundation installation procedures requires extra effort, we always believe in providing our valued customers with certified insect screen installation and services.

Many of our members have returned to us over the years, and we have formed close relationships with our customers, from when they were young to now that they are older. This is a precious experience for us. Mosseal Singapore always strives to provide the highest level of certified insect screen installation through our knowledgeable Certified Installers.

Implement Precise Accuracy and Calibrated Tools Mosquito Net Installation
Implement Precise Accuracy and Calibrated Tools

Many insect screen installation companies only purchase products and hire technicians to install them to start their businesses. However, this type of service will not help the homeowner save money or receive a perfect installation, as it lacks precision and accuracy in measurement during the installation work.

This is why, in addition to using calibrated tools to assist with measuring, we also emphasize the importance of measuring the frames of windows or doors where the insect screens will be installed. This helps to ensure that the screens are fitted properly, without any gaps between the frame and screen, and within our tolerance. It is also crucial to ensure that the frames are level for correct installation and that the tension of the screens is correct, especially for retractable screens.

Implement New Technology of Insect Screen Install
Implement New Technology for Insect Screen

We continuously seek new technology for insect screens to provide better quality products for our customers. Unlike other companies that prioritize high-profit margins and cheap products, we prioritize our customer’s needs.

In fast-paced Singapore, especially during the COVID period, many homeowners are concerned about protecting their homes from unwanted pests like mosquitoes, flies, rodents, and other critters, which can be a nuisance and even cause health problems, especially in landed properties. To protect their homes, many homeowners turn to our insect screen installation services. Proper insect screens are an effective way to protect your home from pests and insects.

Implement Training Rules for All Employees for Insect Screen Install
Implement Training Rules for All Employees

In 2017, we implemented a policy that all employees must be trained on our installation services before serving Mosseal customers. All employees must understand the purpose of insect screens, which is to keep out flying insects such as flies and mosquitoes, as well as crawling insects like ants and spiders.

They must also be knowledgeable on how to properly install the screens in windows, doors, and other openings and the importance of regularly checking the work to ensure it is in good condition and effectively preventing pests.

Implement Company Grading and Award System for Insect Screen Company
Implement Company Grading and Award System

In 2018, we implemented a grading and awards system. As an employer, it is important to us to acknowledge and reward our employees for their good work. Grading and awards can help keep employees motivated and feel that the company is fair to them.

Our founder understands that if our staff is not motivated to do proper installations for our customers, it is pointless and ineffective. Therefore, a well-designed grading and awards system helps maintain the professional and high-quality work of our company.

Implement Insect Screen Installation Technical Knowledge
Implement Insect Screen Technical Knowledge

Our high-performance insect screen services don’t end with just our Certified Installers who are highly trained with deep technical knowledge and experienced in proper installation.

For instance, our Certified Installers use a variety of techniques and tools to ensure a perfect fit and seal, preventing insect infiltration in the long term. We only use the highest quality materials to create durable and long-lasting insect screens in Singapore.

Expand Insect Screen Net Choices Installation
Expand Insect Screen Net Choices

In 2020, due to the seriousness of the COVID period, the need for proper insect screen installations increased, and we decided to expand our range of insect screen and mosquito net offerings to meet the varying needs of our customers and ensure a safe environment.

Our insect screens come with features such as protection against sun damage, and waterproof coatings, and help to keep homes cool and comfortable, providing our clients with safety and cost savings.

Implement Online Appointments for Visits & Installation for Mosquito Nets and Insects Screen
Implement Online Appointments for Visits & Installation

In 2021, to better serve our clients, we implemented an online appointment system where customers can schedule a time slot for insect screen installation and maintenance, including site visits, installations, and other works that require measurements.

Unlike other companies who rely on random calls and phone promises, this often leads to misunderstandings, lateness, and lack of punctuality, which we do not favor. The new appointment system offers convenience for our repeat customers.

Implement New Knowledge Base for Clients for Insect Screen Install Singapore
Implement New Knowledge Base for Clients

In 2022, we realized that many homeowners were unsure of how to select the right mosquito net and insect screen for their property. To help, we decided to create a knowledge base to assist homeowners in making informed decisions.

Due to the high demand for our proper installation services, we were unable to assist more homes with installations. This is why we have included basic knowledge on our pages to educate our existing customers on the basics of insect screen installation.