History of Mosseal Singapore

At Mosseal Singapore, our history of mosquito net installation services goes back many years.

Quality Mosquito Net Installation Since 1999 Mosseal Mosquito Net Installation Company Singapore 2008

Quality Mosquito Net Installation Since 1999

From 1999 to 2008, we have been providing certified mosquito net installation services since we first started the business, and till today we still keep the same method. We understand Mosquito net and insect screen installation can be important for every family, so we treat this career as not just a business. Mosseal will be using certified methods to install premium mosquito nets for our clients to ensure their houses are being protected under our insect screen services.


Our First Procedure in Singapore for Mosquito Net Installation

Mosseal the first procedure in Singapore is starting by conducting a thorough inspection of our client’s property to determine where mosquitoes may be entering their homes or office, and then we will provide useful solutions and perform the proper installation to target those areas.

For other industries for commercial purposes, we will also follow ISO standards such as compliance with ISO 14001 requirements or any API standard. Every sector has different standards and requirements, but we still make sure our clients fulfill their standards and requirement.


Implement Installation When it is Completed

In 2010, Mosseal implemented a procedure of when the installation is complete, our technician needs to follow up with the owner to make sure that the nets are in good condition. Our technician will also provide advice and assistance on how to best maintain the nets to ensure maximum effectiveness.

At Mosseal, our team of experienced professionals is passionate about protecting your family from mosquitoes and unknown pests. We take our commitment to providing excellent mosquito net installation services seriously, and we’re proud of our decades-long history of providing top-notch service in Singapore.

Follow the Technology Trends and Certified Insect Screen Installation Procedure

Follow the Technology Trends and Certified Procedure

In 2011, Mosseal Singapore started to provide certified mosquito net installation procedures to ensure that our clients get the right work from us.

As certified installers, we need to follow the new trend in technology products, even mosquito nets also have new technology, and innovation to help our customers more conveniently and safely. And all our technician is well trained and certified.

Provide Knowledge and Benefit of Mosquito Net Installation

Provide Knowledge and Benefit of Mosquito Net

In 2012, Mosseal Certified Engineer started to provide knowledge to let our technicians under how mosquito nets are essential for preventing mosquito-borne diseases like dengue fever and zika virus. Mosseal certified installers understand just how important it is to make sure that our customer’s work is performed correctly.

We ensure that all of our clients’ nets are securely mounted and that the mesh size is appropriate for the space. Everyone in Singapore keeps mentioning how good is their product, but when turning to how to properly install the screen and mosquito net, almost 90% of them are using the wrong method causing the net durability to be reduced.


Best Insects Screen Provider in Singapore

Mosseal is a leading provider of insect screen installation services in Singapore. To us, there is no best insect screen or mosquito net services in Singapore, to be honest, but there is a good net installer just like our Certified Installer who will willing to spend more time to help you do the perfect installation work which is important. This is the reason why many of our existing customers will only prefer us in installing insect screens on windows, doors, and other openings to keep insects and other pests out of your home or office.

Implement Foundation Installation Procedure 2014
Implement Foundation Installation Procedure

Although implementing the proper foundation installation procedure will cause us a lot of extra work. But we always believe in providing our good customers with certified insect screen installation and services is the right way.

As we have many of our members are come back to us after many years. We know many existing customers from when we are young until now we are old men, from strange to close friends, this is precious for us. Mosseal Singapore always aims to produce the highest level of certified insect screen installation by our Certified Installers who are knowledgeable.

Implement Precise Accuracy and Calibrated Tools Mosquito Net Installation
Implement Precise Accuracy and Calibrated Tools

Many insect screen installation company only buys the products and hire a technician to install them to start a business. But this kind of service will not help the house owner to save money and get the perfect work, because it lacks precise accuracy and measurement during installation work. This is why we implement In addition to using calibrated tools to help customers measure, it is important to measure the frames of the windows or doors where the insect screens will be installed.

This will help to ensure that the screens are fitted properly and that there is no gap between the frame and the screens and within our tolerance. It is also important to ensure that the frames are level so that the screens are installed correctly and that the tension of the screens is correct if using a retractable screen.

Implement New Technology of Insect Screen Install
Implement New Technology for Insect Screen

We always keep sourcing new technology for insect screens to help our customers get better quality products, to be honest. Different from other companies, look for high-profit margins and cheap products. As Singapore is always fast with technology, especially during the covid period. Many of homeowners always think about how to protect their homes from unwanted pests.

From mosquitoes and flies to rodents and other critters, these creatures can be a nuisance and can even cause health problems, especially on landed property in Singapore. To protect their homes from these pests, many homeowners are turning to our insect screens installation services to keep them away. Proper insect screens are a great way to protect your home from pests and other insects.

Implement Training Rules for All Employees for Insect Screen Install
Implement Training Rules for All Employees

In 2017, we implemented all employees need to be trained on the installation services before serving Mosseal customers. All employees need to understand the purpose of insect screens, and why need to help to keep out flying insects, like flies and mosquitoes, as well as crawling insects, like ants and spiders. How they can be installed in windows, doors, and other openings, and should be checked regularly to ensure that the work they have completed is in good condition and is doing its job.

Implement Company Grading and Award System for Insect Screen Company
Implement Company Grading and Award System

In 2018, we implemented a grading and awards system. As an employer, we feel important that award our employees when they are doing good work. Grading and awards can help employees keep their job motivated and they can feel the company is fair enough to them.

We are not a stingy company where everything wants cheap, especially our founder. Why? We understand that end up our staff will not do the proper installation for our customers, no point, useless. So a good grading and award system can help our company stay professional and strong in-term of quality work.

Implement Insect Screen Installation Technical Knowledge
Implement Insect Screen Technical Knowledge

Our high-performance insect screen services don’t stop there, as our Certified Installer is highly trained with deep technical knowledge and experienced in the proper installation of insect screens.

For example, our Certified Installer will use a variety of techniques and tools to ensure the installation’s perfect fit and seal, preventing any insect infiltration in long term. We also use only the highest quality materials to create a durable and long-lasting insect screen in Singapore.

Expand Insect Screen Net Choices Installation
Expand Insect Screen Net Choices

In 2020, due to Covid being the most serious period. Our proper installation of insect screens needs are increasing, and we decided to expand our insect screen and mosquito needs to a wider range to meet different needs of the installation, ensuring our customers have a safe environment.

Our insect screens come with many features that can help our clients safe and save more, including protection against sun damage, waterproof coatings, and keeping your houses cool and comfortable.

Implement Online Appointments for Visits & Installation for Mosquito Nets and Insects Screen
Implement Online Appointments for Visits & Installation

In 2021, to serve our clients better, we implemented an online appointment system where customers can book a time slot for insect screen installation and maintenance. This is including site visit, installation, and other new work that need to do the measurement.

Most of the company are using random calls and promises on phone, but this causes many misunderstandings, lateness, and not punctuality which we do not prefer in this way. So this new appointment system can be convenient for our old customers.

Implement New Knowledge Base for Clients for Insect Screen Install Singapore
Implement New Knowledge Base for Clients

In 2022, we found that many house owners were not sure how to choose the right mosquito net and insect screen for their property. So we decided to implement a knowledge base to help more house owners choose the right mosquito net and installation services.

And due to our overwhelming of proper installation work, we are unable to help more houses to do all the installation. This is the reason why will implement basic knowledge in our pages to let our existing customers know the basics of insect screen installation.