Common Asked Questions

After so many years in the insect screen and mosquito net industry, we have compiled a comprehensive list of the most frequently asked questions for your convenience.

Find out more about insect screen and mosquito net installation questions below so that you can make the most informed decision.

1. How to make an appointment for a site visit?

You can use the “Chat” button to contact our planner. After providing your details, our planner will arrange for a certified installer to visit the site on a confirmed date.

2. How can I get a draft quote for my screen or mosquito net installation?

Getting a quote is easy – simply visit our “Ask For Quote” page, and you can receive a draft quote from us.

3. Do you offer onsite measurements and demos?

Yes, we do provide installation services, but you will need to contact our planner to check if there is a certified installer available in your area. The best way to get started is to send us a photo or the dimensions of your window, so that we can provide you with an accurate quote for installation and other related services.

4. Can I get same-day installation without arranging an on-site appointment with our planner?

No, we cannot provide same-day installation because we need to measure and prepare the products in our warehouse. Additionally, some doors and windows may require customized fabrication. Furthermore, our certified installers follow a planned schedule for daily tasks to ensure that all installations are done properly without rushing.

5. Do you do proper Magnetic Insect Screens installation?

Yes, we offer installation services for all types of windows and doors, including magnetic insect screens. We can provide installation services for casement windows, sliding window screens, door gates, window grilles, invisible grilles, awning windows, louvre windows, toilet windows, and any other location that requires screen installation.

6. Do you offer retractable insect screens and mosquito net installation?

Yes, we do provide installation services for retractable screens. Typically, this process takes 3 to 8 working days after the measurement has been taken. Our certified installers need this time to fabricate the retractable system to fit the client’s home for both doors and windows.

7. What is the purpose of a retractable insect screen?

Retractable insect screens are commonly used in many advanced countries. These screens come with automatic rollback when not needed and can be extended when needed. They also have a tension spring to automatically roll back inside the box of the roller system.

8. Why retractable insect screen so slow?

In Singapore, it is rare to find people who have the skill and cutting machine for the frame and box. Therefore, they only have products from manufacturers. Normally, what they do is measure the dimensions and send them overseas to be fabricated. This process takes a longer time to complete.

9. Why do some people call insect screens and mosquito nets “Screen Systems”?

The term ‘Screen Systems’ is just a marketing label used to charge you more. In reality, it is just a net designed to prevent insects from entering your home. To us, a system typically refers to software or a program, which is capable of controlling the net to open and close automatically. A manual tension spring operated by hand does not constitute a system. Therefore, do not be misled into thinking that a product labeled as a ‘Screen System’ has better features.

10. Is the site installation done by Certified Installer?

All site installations for insect screens or mosquito nets will only be done by our certified installers. No general workers are allowed to touch any of our client’s installations. This is to ensure that our installation results are of good quality.

11. Do I need to pay any deposit before starting work?

Typically, no deposit is required for normal window installations. However, for customized sizes of mosquito nets or insect screens, a deposit may be required.

12. When should I make payment?

Normally, full payment should be made after the job is completed for house installations. However, for houses that require custom fabrication, a 10% payment is required upfront.

13. In your insect screen and mosquito net quality provide longer durability?

We can guarantee that all types of our insect screens and mosquito nets provide longer durability than products from other manufacturers, including those from top manufacturers in the US or Japan. To date, we have more than 1,000 clients who are still using our products, and there have been few complaints about installation and quality. However, proper installation and use of the product is key in determining its durability.

14. Is all your insect screens and the mosquito net can fit any type of door or window?

Yes, we provide installation services. However, the importance lies not in the products themselves, but in how we measure and install them properly. Typically, all installations for mosquito nets are flat 2D surfaces. If we use the proper method to measure and install, it can be installed on any type of door, window, or any location that requires pest control.

15. How much are your insect screen and mosquito with installation?

To be honest, our pricing is reasonable, given our certified installation methods. We encourage you to visit our “ASK FOR QUOTE” page to receive your quote easily.

16. Can our insect screen help you save air conditioning bills for your home?

In short, it can have a minor effect, but not much. The concept behind the aircon insect screen is simply to prevent leaks from the air conditioning unit. When you see companies claiming that their insect screens can save you money on your air conditioning bill, it is just a marketing label aimed at making customers more confident in their product.

17. Is the insect screen or mosquito net easy to do the cleaning?

Yes, cleaning our insect screen and mosquito net products is easy, but it is not necessary to do it frequently as they are not prone to getting dirty in short periods of time. However, it depends on the environment and location of your house. For example, if your house is located next to a food court or a road, it may become dusty after some time. Some people may understand this. For normal usage, you may do a clean-up annually if you wish to.

18. Is your screen can slightly prevent the sun come into the house?

Yes, this net is similar to a normal car window shade sunblock. It helps to prevent a portion of the sun from entering your house, making the interior temperature cooler and more comfortable.

19. Can I choose a color for my mosquito net and insect screen installation service?

Yes, normally we have 5 colors available to match all house concepts. However, at times we may experience an overwhelming demand for proper installation, which may cause certain color stocks to become depleted. In this case, please feel free to check with our planner to see if your favorite color is still available.

20. Can I install your insect screen or mosquito net by myself?

No. In our experience, many homeowners think that DIY installation is easy based on what they see online. However, improper installation can damage the product and void the warranty. It is best to have our Certified Installer perform the installation, which comes with a warranty. The cost includes both the installation and the products.

21. How long does it take to install my mosquito net or insect screen?

If the window does not require custom fabrication, it typically takes 1 day to install for a 5-window house. However, we ensure that all installations are done according to our certified method, which may take a longer time to complete.

22. How to contact your support for insect screen installation service?

The best way is to click the ‘CHAT’ button to communicate with our planner. She can provide you with more details if you have any doubts.

23. What is Magnetic Insect Screen?

Magnetic insect screens are a cost-effective solution if you already have an existing window. These screens create a seal that prevents mosquitoes, cockroaches, bees, flies, and other insects from entering your home. They also offer protection against unknown bites and even lizards.

24. How long can a Magnetic Insect Screen last?

Magnetic insect screens can last for many years if used gently and properly. However, it is not possible for them to last forever as the magnetic and plastic components will eventually deteriorate after prolonged exposure to sunlight. We also offer minor repair services if necessary, but our clients have reported that our insect screens and mosquito nets last for many years without needing repairs.

25. Will my members of the house feel difficult to breathe after the insect screen is installed?

No, on the contrary, it can indirectly make the house colder and more comfortable. If the quality of the insect screen is good, the net has billions of small holes, so there is no need to worry about this.

Are you still looking for answers to your questions but can’t find what you need? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. You can contact our planner by clicking on the “CHAT” button above. Thank you for reading!