Customize Insect Screen

Customize magnetic insect screen services by Mosseal. The customized insect screen services for any type of window, door, or building will be fabricated by our certified installer, with precise and perfect dimensions to fit your home.

Premium Magnetic Insect Screens in Singapore

Customize Insect Screen Services

Customize insect screens services provided by Mosseal mostly are for houses and offices that need certified installation services. Our Certified Installer will perform this customized insect screen installation according to National and International Standards.

The benefit of installing a customize magnetic insect screen will help you

Effectively prevent mosquitoes, flying insects, and lizards
Lightweight with durable technology material 
Waterproof screen materials
Maintain a cool and comfortable environment
Easily maintain and not easy to get dusty
Customize Insect Screen Install Services Mosseal Singapore 2024

Customize Magnetic insect screens will help owners install them at any location they wanted to prevent insects or mosquitos

Why Customize Insect Screens can prevent mosquitoes, unknown flying insects, and lizards

Customize magnetic insect screens are good for people who need a customize insect screen in a specific area according to their house design. The current house design even HDB flats can be very unique and the normal insect screen sizes might not be able to suit or fix it easily. Also, the control measures for mosquitoes in HDB flats are different too. This is the reason why we have a specialist to customize a number of insect screens to help them keep the insect away, especially in Singapore when a certain month comes the mosquito and insects can be everywhere. So most house or office owners will prefer to customize magnetic insect screens for their property.

The latest technology with extra long durability Material Customised Insect Screens

Most owners prefer good magnetic insect screens, especially for customized mosquito nets. This is the reason why all customize insect screens will be only done by our Certified Installer to ensure the screen dimension and accuracy wise are perfectly done for our client. And our Certified Installer will only be only using the newest latest technology material to customize every insect screen to make sure the durability can last for longer. We have many existing clients who prefer the latest technology pattern and certified installation method due to they feel the durability and outlook look much better compared to other insect screens in the Singapore market.

Maintain a cool and comfortable environment with Customize Insects Screens

Our existing clients always invite us to install customize insects screen for their offices and house most of them feel comfortable and the environment temperature are getting cooler after installation. Some of them are suffering before installation, as they don’t know there is a proper mosquito net and insect screen this type of installation prevents all the insects, unknown flies and even lizards come into the houses. So they just every day like fighting with all the flies until they have the insect screen installed.

Actually, most of our clients are good character type, they won’t calculate ask for cheaper as they understand our prices are cheaper than others and the work is a real professional type for commercial level, they deserve to have a good and comfortable environment.

Easy maintain Customize Magnetic Insect Screen

We have a lot of existing clients 90% of them are ladies in charge of houses, what they want is cheap and good. But after they met us, and they were willing to pay more for our customize magnetic screen, why? To be honest, most of them have done the first insect screen from other companies, end up after 1 year plus and come to us for reinstall again. They feel that their old insect screen is cheating them “Easy DIY” is easy to maintain, but ends up being an easy drop too. And now they can understand every insect screen behind why they are cheap and why certain installations are a little more expensive.

Helping More Singapore Families to get Proper Insect Screen Installation

Everyone who is looking for insect screen installation we sure that they have families, or important business is running. What they need is a real proper customize insect screen installation that really can effectively prevent mosquitoes and insects come into their houses. And secondly, they want the insect screen can last longer which is up to their standard. As usual, Mosseal is used to help commercial buildings, manufacturing, and companies install proper insect screen services. Until recent years we only decided to open to the public for houses to help more families to have proper insect screen services in Singapore.

Question about Customize Insect Screen installation services?

Every owner has their own concern, we also have many customize insect screen installation questions covered on our “Common FAQ” page including pricing and appointment. However, if any further questions our planner still be able to contact via “CHAT” button above. Our Certified Installer most of the time will be on-site for proper insect screen installation. So the best way to contact us is to go through chat.