Covid-19 Rules for On-Site

As the disease still spreading around Singapore, it’s important to be aware of the latest COVID-19 rules for on-site work.

All on-site mosquito installation dates must be done online via WhatsApp, kindly follow the steps following below,

Step 1

Click on “CHAT” Button or Click here for the proper mosquito net or insect screen installation.



Step 2

Answer and provide all the necessary details to our planner and schedule your onsite date.



Step 3

After providing all the details and information, confirm your name, location, and phone number.



Have trouble clicking the button? Click on the above button to apply

Why must go through the online chat with our planner?

  1. Due to the rules of Covid-19 rules getting better now, our certified installer will be on most of the time on the site. They might seldom touch the phone and answer calls.
  2. Strictly reject whoever and ask for a site visit or installation on the same day regardless of any reason, due to having a proper scheduled plan that is ongoing. Your work will get lower chances to approve or have no quotations received due to being unproductive.
  3. All onsite visits and installations must arrange with our planner in advance or else will be ignored or blocked right away regardless of any reason.