Installation Rules for On-Site

As we are currently facing an overwhelming workload for installations in Singapore, it is important to be aware of our latest installation rules for on-site work.

All on-site mosquito net installation appointments must be made online via WhatsApp. Please follow the steps below:

Step 1

Click on “CHAT” Button or Click here for the proper mosquito net or insect screen installation.



Step 2

Answer and provide all the necessary details to our planner and schedule your onsite date.



Step 3

After providing all the details and information, confirm your name, location, and phone number.



Have trouble clicking the button? Click on the above button to apply

Why must go through the online chat with our planner?

  1. Due to the overwhelming demand for insect screen installation, our certified installers may be occupied with on-site work and may not always be able to answer calls.
  2. We strictly reject requests for a site visit or installation on the same day, regardless of the reason, due to our ongoing properly scheduled plan. Your project may have a lower chance of being approved or receiving no quotation due to being unproductive.
  3. Please arrange all onsite visits and installations in advance with our planner. Any requests made without prior arrangement will be ignored or blocked immediately, without exception.