Our Certified Installer

Our certified mosquito screen installers possess extensive experience and are well-informed about the latest products available in the market.

For the past 24 years, all our net installations have been exclusively conducted by our Certified Mosquito Installers, who adhere to proper installation procedures for our clients. If they were to make a mistake, they would face immediate consequences.

What do we need Certified Installer?

Many companies in Singapore simply hire foreign workers to handle mosquito net installations, treating this work as if it were ordinary construction. However, it is not. A skilled mosquito net installer can ensure the net lasts longer, appears better, and provides increased protection. Certified Mosquito Net Installers possess proper knowledge of pest control, which enables them to identify additional issues for homeowners. If a home has unidentified pests or flies, there may be underlying problems that require more than just installing a mosquito net to resolve.

At our company, we ensure that only Certified Installers handle our clients’ work. We do not permit unqualified staff to be involved in any client projects, especially on-site. This is why, if our schedule becomes too full, we may decline additional work rather than compromise quality for the sake of expedience. We prioritize delivering exceptional work over making a quick profit. A well-installed mosquito net can last for several years, making it a worthwhile investment.

How does our Certified Mosquito Installer Perform Work

Our Certified Mosquito Installers adhere to proper procedures during on-site work. When installing a mosquito net, they don’t simply measure and install; they take into account the type of window and the owner’s daily usage in order to ensure a long-lasting and effective installation. Additionally, all tools used for measuring mosquito net installations must be calibrated to guarantee accuracy.

Moreover, our machines for fabricating window frames are imported from Japan and come with calibration certificates. This ensures that the work we provide to customers is precise and of the highest quality standards. In short, we don’t compromise on quality. Our aim is not solely for business, but to help more and more households obtain the best and safest mosquito net installations. We genuinely hope that more companies follow our lead in providing proper mosquito net installations in Singapore, ultimately benefiting more families.

How Our Certified Installer can help Singapore Families with Technology

For instance, why is our Certified Mosquito Installer certification valid for only one year? This is because each year brings new models and technological advancements in mosquito net products. Our installers must stay current and up-to-date with these developments. Many companies continue to use the same product for years; however, we prioritize staying current. Mosquito net installation is like any other technology-based product, such as a phone, as newer technology constantly replaces the old. These advancements make end users’ lives easier and more convenient.

The same principle applies to mosquito nets. For example, consider house designs. Nowadays, not only Japanese designs are popular; each country offers unique and modern styles. Therefore, mosquito net installers must also be familiar with the latest mosquito net technologies and patterns to stay informed. We don’t simply rest on our laurels and praise our product; we continually learn and improve. This commitment to growth is why we have maintained a strong client base for the past 24 years.

Advise a Proper Solution for the Mosquito Protection System

Our Certified Mosquito Installers can provide the appropriate solution for a mosquito protection system, ensuring that it is suitable for your home. As experts in installing mosquito protection systems, they can advise on the best option for your home and family’s safety. Before undergoing laboratory testing and acquiring microbiology knowledge, we were unaware of how crucial it is to develop an effective mosquito protection system. Installing a system blindly won’t genuinely help families, which is why we’ve invested so much in developing a solution that benefits more people.

Our installers are proficient in the latest mosquito protection system technologies, including misting systems, mosquito net patterns, and insect screens. We recognize the importance of using the most effective and efficient certified methods for mosquito control, and our installers can ensure that the system you choose is the best for your specific needs. To us, selecting the right protection system is of utmost importance. Some individuals prioritize saving money, which may lead to choosing the wrong mosquito net. This results in wasted time and resources, as the net must be reinstalled.

3. Our Certification for Certified Mosquito Installer

At Mosseal, we understand the significance of delivering high-quality services and have developed our own certification program for mosquito installers. We are also offering this certification to a select number of reputable companies to ensure they maintain high standards in mosquito net installation. Our certification program is designed to guarantee that our certified installers possess the expertise and experience required to provide effective and safe mosquito control services. By obtaining this certification, our installers join an elite group of professionals who have demonstrated their ability to protect homes and businesses from mosquitoes effectively.

Our certification program is rigorous and requires strict on-site tests and exams; it is not merely a means to earn money. Anyone who fails this certification will not be permitted to work with us or handle our clients’ projects. Why? We need to ensure that our installers know how to properly install and maintain our mosquito control systems for our clients, rather than haphazardly installing them and causing inconvenience to the client.

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