Our Certified Installer

Our certified mosquito installers are experienced and knowledgeable about the latest products available in the market.

All our net installation will be only done by our Certified Mosquito Installer, and they have followed the proper installation for our clients for the past 24 years. What if they did the wrong thing? They will be out on the spot.

What do we need Certified Installer

Most of the companies in Singapore just hire foreigners to do all the mosquito net installation, and they think this kind of work is just like construction work. Actually is not, a good mosquito net installer can help the mosquito net last longer and be durable, better look, and more protection. And certified Mosquito net installers are having proper knowledge of pasts control which can help house owners detect more issues in the case. Sometimes if the house has unknown pests or flies there must be an issue, not just that flies then install a mosquito net and finish the story, no.

Hence, for us, all our client’s work will be only done by Certifed Installer. No unqualified staff is allowed to touch our client work especially on-site. This is the reason why sometime if our schedules are too full, we will not take more jobs rather than reject if the customer really wants fast. As we only want a good job more than a few dollars of money. Mosquito net installs actually if we do really good work can last at least a few years or not, it’s just like a one-time fee.

How does our Certified Mosquito Installer Perform Work

Our Certified Mosquito Installer will perform all the installation with the proper procedure during onsite work. Certified installers when installing a mosquito net, will not just measure and install it, they will have to know the type of window, and how the owner uses it daily in order to install it in a proper way so that the mosquito net can last longer. Secondly, all the tools used to measure for mosquito net installation must be calibrated so that it can ensure the accuracy are within accuracy.

Thirdly, our machine used to fabricate window frame are imported from Japan and come with a calibrated certificate. This is to ensure that all the work provided to the customer is precise and has a higher standard of quality. In Short, we don’t do low-quality work, as all along our aim is not for business, but help more and more houses get the best mosquito net installed with safe. We really hope more and more company follows us to do a proper installation of mosquito net in Singapore to help more and more families.

How Our Certified Installer can help Singapore Families with Technology

For example, why is our Certified Mosquito Installer certification why only valid for 1 year? Because every year will have more and more new models and technology products mosquito net will launch, so they have to keep all these technologies aware and up to date. There are many companies using one product for many years. For us, no, we must keep up to date, mosquito net installation is just a product like a phone because more and more new technology going to replace the old one. New technology makes end users more easier and convenient.

The mosquito net is also the same thing, for example like the house design, now not japan design is better, in every country the house design can be unique and modern. So mosquito net installers also have to know all the new types of mosquito net technology and pattern so that they can aware, we don’t ever stay in our own world and keep saying how good is our product, we learn and we keep improving, and this is why we have so many good clients for the past 24 years.

Advise a Proper Solution for the Mosquito Protection System

Our Certified Mosquito installer can help provide the proper solution for a mosquito protection system to ensure the system is suitable for their home. So far for us, they are the experts in the installation of mosquito protection systems and can advise on the best system for our home and family’s protection. Before that when we have gone through all these laboratory testing, and some microbiology knowledge, we don’t even know how important is it if wanted to produce a good mosquito protection system. Blindly installing will not help all the families to be honest, so this is the reason why we spend so much money to develop this to help more people.

Our installers are well-versed in the latest technologies of mosquito protection systems, including misting systems, mosquito net patterns, and insect screens. We understand the importance of using the most effective and efficient Certified methods of mosquito control, and our installers can ensure that the system you choose is the best for your particular needs. To us, choosing the right protection system is more important than everything, as some people keep wanting to save more money in the end they choose the wrong mosquito net, wasting time and money as need to reinstall it again.

3. Our Certification for Certified Mosquito Installer

At Mosseal, we recognize the importance of providing quality services and have created our own certification program for certified mosquito installers. We are now also providing these few certifications to a few famous companies to ensure they are also having good work in mosquito net installation. Our certification program is designed to ensure that our certified installers have the expertise and experience necessary to provide effective and safe mosquito control services.

By becoming certified who has this certification, our certified installers become part of an elite group of professionals who have proven their ability to effectively protect homes and businesses from mosquitoes. Our certification program is intensive and strictly must be done on-site tests and exams, not that certificate is only wanted money. Whoever does not pass this certification, will not be able to work with us and not be able to touch our client’s job. Why? We need to ensure that they know how to properly install and maintain our mosquito control systems for our client, not anyhow installs trouble the client.

Thanks for reading.

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