Need a Quote for Services

How to ask for a quote? No worry, we feel important to make sure that the quote provided by us is reliable and secure.

Follow 4 secure easy steps to get your proper mosquito net & insect screen installation services from our Certified Installer.

Step 1

For any inquiry, you may chat with our planner using WhatsApp or Call regarding your area location or inquiry.

Step 2

Book an appointment with our planner if you need a site visit, and demo the measurement on the installation area with a quote.


You may took photos of your window areas that require installation or any measurement for us to understand more if you need guidance

Step 4

Arrange your onsite installation date and time from our planner, or book an appointment by using our onsite schedule appointment system.

How to take Photos

Need to ask for a quote about your Insect Screen or Mosquito Need Install? To help us understand more regarding your insect screen or mosquito installation inquiry, you may take the photo by following the below guideline.
Taking the whole window and surroundings can help us provide you a professional advice

How to take photo for Insect Screen and Mosquito Install Singapore

How to perform Measurement

Provide us with your measurement.
Measuring the height and width of the window can help us provide you with a draft quote easily

How to measure your window for insect screen installation services

Not sure? Most of our existing clients are quite smart, to be honest. But no worries, chat with our planner about your doubt by clicking the above Chat Button.