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Proper mosquito net & Insect screen installation services by Mosseal Singapore, all installation services will be done by our Certified Installer.

Mosquito Net Installation Services by Mosseal Singapore 2023

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Mosseal Mosquito Net Installation Singapore

Mosseal has provided professional Mosquito Net and Insect Screen Install Services for the past 23 years. As well known, Mosseal previously only provide these certified services for Businesses and Companies, until recently in 2020 only opened to the public to help more families to get proper services. Our Certified Net Installer will ensure every installation will only follow the internationally certified method.

Our services are primarily focused on Landed, Condo, HDB, and commercial properties like shophouses, and manufacturing plants under the facility department. As our quality and pricing for all mosquito nets installation can be customized according to the property requirements.






48 Months



Why Neet Proper Mosquito Net Installation?

Proper installation of mosquito net and insect screen not only gives longer durability but also prevents your family from getting bitten by a bad mosquito annoying insect, especially in Singapore. All along Mosseal will be only providing certified installation services for mosquito nets and screens to all our smart property owners.

So we will mainly focus on the certified method, we will never rush the installation job, as all installation schedules are well planned. Material wise we will not because of wanted to save a few dollars cost then produce a low-quality net because of earning more profit margin, no point. Aside from this, all our installation measuring tools are calibrated and traceable to ISO/IEC17025 SAC SINGLAS standards.

Our Technical Knowledge

We have our very first Certification for Certified Installer since 2004. In the beginning, certification is to help our technicians make sure they are up to standard. Most complete every insect screen install with proper procedure instead “anyhow”.

But now, after so many years, with our experiences and technical knowledge keep improving, the current certification is included more technical, calculations and experience issues in insect screens services. Mostly are follows ISO 17025 standard SAC.

Everyone who is interested to know about good insect screen installation can have a try on our old certification exam question here.

Insect Screen Services Certified Singapore

Our Vision And Values

Since 1999, our values given to our clients is curing their worries. As no one likes mosquitos, insects, or any pests. They’re annoying and can cause a lot of discomfort and harm. Mosquito bites can transmit a variety of diseases, including malaria, dengue fever, Zika virus, and more.

Mosquito net and insect screen installation are important for the owner that has a little baby, or children. Letting them have a comfortable environment is important to protect yourself and your family from these pesky pests.

Why We Do

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We also take great care to ensure that our mosquito net installations are as unobtrusive as possible..

Company History

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The history of Mosseal is a long and storied one. In fact, the idea of creating a high-quality mosquito net and..

Certified Methods

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Certified Install Method for Mosquito Net Singapore is an important service that provides expert installation..

Insects Screen Installation Services by Mosseal Singapore 2023

Use Effective and Durability Woven Net That Can Last Longer

Mosseal uses imported quality material that comes with effectiveness and is able to last longer. Unlike other mosquito net installation services companies, they mention how good their product quality is, from Japan, quality checks, end up the installation is not in the proper way and the quality does not last long. Such products everywhere are the same just that the label is different. The important thing is the proper installation part, it can determine the durability.

In Singapore, we are living in small expensive houses, without an effective mosquito net and you know how dangerous mosquitos can be, and how troublesome it is if you get sick. The main purpose of using a mosquito net and insect screen for every house in Singapore is to cover up and prevent the Aedes mosquitoes from coming inside your home where they could harm you or your family members. Hence, we really need an effective and lasting mosquito net for the window.

Proper Way of Installation Guaranteed Mosquito Net Mosseal Singapore

Proper Way of Installation Guaranteed

Our Certified installer will strictly follow the proper procedure for every insect screen or mosquito installation process. There are many companies without professional knowledge in this net installation field, as they can anyhow install and the house owner doesn’t even know what happens. We don’t do this as every mosquito net we install, we ensure to protect each of our customers in peace of mind.

So far for so many years, almost no case happen due to quality and installation incorrectly. We also encounter some issues that damage caused by misuse, neglect, or accidents. We are more focused on the foundation of how to properly measure and install, how to properly install them with our technical knowledge, and using measuring tools to measure till the end. So this is the reason why we are able to provide a good quality of work to our friends and members for the past 23 years.

Premium Imported High Accuracy Materials for Mosquito Net Installation

Premium Imported High Accuracy Materials

All along, our material will be using high accuracy best material of mosquito net sets so every one of our customer’s home environments is protected. As now every company said they are using high-quality material, are they really using what they said? No, just a marketing label. So to us, we only use high-accuracy material with our certified net installer to firm the foundation in order to make it last longer. The installation step is the key part of the process of creating quality mosquito nets for every house.

It’s not enough to just create a quality product, you also need to make sure that it stays in good condition over time. Some of our customers complain about their existing supplier, after some time of installing the insect screens have a lot of issues. This is why Mosseal always focuses on creating and keep improving our installation services.

Proper Knowledge of Mosquito Net Technology and Installation Singapore

Proper Knowledge of Mosquito Net Technology

Which mosquito net you should use? We have had a lot of new customers previously not sure about which kind of mosquito net to be installed in the area of their house, and they engage those companies who keep saying their products are good, high quality, and made in Japan or USA. But end up dropping off, installing the wrong material caused not convenient, warranty can’t claim due to human causes, etc, and waste tons of money.

Why do they keep mentioning their product well? Because they only have the product, and they are not manufacturers when they get the product they have to think of a way to convince people to buy and install their product instead lose of money to stock in. So should use retractable or fixed, our certified net installer will have to do an onsite survey before advising instead of randomly.

Safety and Knowledgeable Savings Guaranteed Insects Screen Installation

Safety and Knowledgeable Savings Guaranteed

In Singapore, the most common disease is dengue fever. This type of infectious disease is transmitted by mosquitoes. In recent years, the number of people who are infected with dengue fever has increased. Dengue fever can be fatal if not treated in time. There are four different types of dengue fever virus, and each type has a different set of symptoms. Dengue hemorrhagic fever, and causes high fever, bleeding from the nose or gums, and easy bruising or petechiae. The second type is called “dengue shock syndrome” etc..

Why do we know all this? As we do mosquito net installation is not all about just business. Our intention is to help more house owners get rid of all of these. Helping them to understand more provides them with more knowledge in order to save more money in a smart way also helping the community.

Mosquito Net And Insect Screen with Certified Net Installer Singapore

Mosquito Net And Insect Screen with Certified Net Installer

What is a Certified Net Installer mean? All along our employees will be sent to attend “Certified Net Installer” certification courses. The purpose is we need all our technicians to understand the process of installing the net on the door or window in a building. It includes measuring the opening, ordering doors and hardware, and preparing the mosquito net retractable opening.

The measurement and installation process is not as simple as laymen think. Many peoples think that just give dimension and then they can do on their own or as some people that not qualified to do, this is totally waste of time and money as this kind of thing will not last long. Hence, we will be only using the proper way of installation, not layman construction type. The result can be safer and high standards are an addition to every house owner.

Insect Screen & Mosquito Net Dual Purpose Features Covered Singapore

Insect Screen & Mosquito Net Dual Purpose Features Covered

The mosquito net is commonly used everywhere in Singapore, just a type of window screen which is designed to keep out mosquitoes. But we have a few types of mosquito nets and insects screen for different purposes and even dual-purpose features depending on the need of house owners.

Most people are looking at prices cheap, so this is the reason why they always get low-quality mosquito net screens in their homes that do not last long and look ugly design. We understand well what density of mosquito net to use in different areas. The mosquito screen is made of a mesh that has been treated with insecticide. The mesh is usually made from vinyl or polyester.

Stay Safe from Zika Virus, Dengue Fever, and Common Diseases

Stay Safe from Zika Virus, Dengue Fever, and Common Diseases

Mosquito nets and insect screens provide a physical barrier that keeps common diseases away from you and your family. Especially for newborn babies, who easily get bitten by mosquitoes and unknown pests causing Zika Virus or Dengue Fever. Our nets are made from a fine mesh material that prevents mosquitoes and other insects from entering your home.

They also help to create a micro-environment that helps prevent the spread of disease-carrying pests. In short, paying a small amount of money that can help you kill off all these worries, and it is pretty worth it. No point to save this kind of money to pay doctors.

Mosquito Net and Insects Screen Installation Services in Singapore by Mosseal Map

Proper Insect Screen & Mosquito Installation Appointment 2023

For members who have already approved the quotation for their insect screen or mosquito net installation, kindly use the “CHAT” button to make an appointment with our planner for installation so that we can complete everything on time with a proper job, as we only want to have a good quality of work.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Due to the overwhelming of client installation services, strictly no direct call for an asking same day installation regardless of any reason. Our certified installer and technician only go for our planned schedule so that our clients can have a good quality of work.

Hence, we not taking on any work without planning from our planner, please look for others. Thank you!